Meet The Best Couple Ever ! Novoneel Chakraborty

Do you flaunt your happy moments in the form of filtered photographs on Facebook, Instagram, etc.?

Do you and your partner set relationship goals for others on social media?

Do you make people jealous of the perfect life you are living?

Do you portray yourself as a forever-happy person to your social media followers?

Do you think you are a cyber-world aspiration?

If no, then chill. If yes, then congrats! You are their next target.

About the author:

Novoneel Chakraborty is the bestselling author of ten novels and a collection of short stories such as The Stranger trilogy, Forever series etc. Known for his twists, dark plots and strong female protagonist, Novoneel is referred to as the Sidney Sheldon of India by the readers.  Novoneel is also a screenwriter and a blogger and his distinctive storytelling style and taste for griping tales has attracted many admirers. Apart from writing books he writes for works in Indian television and films and has written stories for popular shows like Million Dollar Girl, Twist Wala Love and Secret Diaries for Channel V. He lives in Mumbai. His other books include How About a Sin Tonight?, EX and All Yours, Stranger.

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