Day: September 21, 2018

Books For You: Transcription, a bravura novel

Editor | Fiction Transcription is a bravura novel of extraordinary power and substance by the bestselling and award‐winning author Kate Atkinson. Juliet Armstrong is recruited as a young woman by an obscure wartime department of the Secret Service. In the aftermath of war, she joins the BBC, where her life begins to unravel, and she

Books 4 You: You Are the Supreme Light: Life Lessons by Adi Shankara

Editor | Non-Fiction Adi Shankara was one of the greatest philosophers of India. Probably born in the eighth century CE in modern Kerala, he established the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta and unified the six main schools of Hinduism. He travelled across the Indian subcontinent—from Kanyakumari in the south to Kashmir in the north and Dwarka

Books 4 You: Punjab, Punjabis & Punjabiyat: Reflections on a Land and its People

Editor | Non-Fiction Punjab, Punjabis & Punjabiyat (Aleph, edited by Mala Dayal, Pages 208, Price Rs 499) brings together Khushwant Singh’s best writings on Punjab, Punjabis and the Sikhs. Divided into three parts, the book deals with various aspects of the region—its geography, climate, history, culture, religion, politics, language and literature. Part I of the

When business pundit Udayan Mukherjee turns novelist

Editor | Fiction Can one indiscretion be allowed to scar a family for life? Ronojoy’s mother dies alone in the Ashram she had abruptly retreated to twenty­eight years ago, leaving him — then only twelve— to fend for the emotional needs of himself and his six-year-old brother. When the cremation rites are complete, Ronojoy is handed a letter from his mother that is not so much a

The Great War: Indian Writings on the First World War

Editor | Non-Fiction Rakhshanda Jalil brings together a collection of voices that reflect different perspectives of Indian thinkers and people on the Great War (Published by Bloomsbury, Price Rs 699). It is very hard to endure the bombs, Father. It will be difficult for anyone to survive and come back safe and sound from the

Books For You: Twilight Falls On Liberalism | Rudrangshu Mukherjee

Editor | Non-Fiction Recent political developments across large parts of the globe have made it clear that liberalism is in crisis. Several political regimes and political leaders have little time and respect for liberal values but it is important to understand that in many cases they have been empowered by popular social attitudes that have