Books For You: Stories At Work: Unlock the Secret to Business Storytelling

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Is there a way to send out impactful messages that people remember for days?

Is there a way to influence people without pushing data and analysis on them?

Is there an effective way to drive change in an organization?

Yes, through stories.

Indranil Chakraborty’s Stories At Work: Unlock the Secret to Business Storytelling (Published by Penguin) is an interesting take on how to win over people through stories.

Storytelling in business is different from telling stories to friends in a bar. It needs to be based on facts. Stories at Work will teach you how to wrap your stories in context and deliver them in a way that grabs your audience’s attention. The special tools, techniques and structures in this book will help you bring the power of stories into your day-to-day business communication. They will enable you to connect, engage and inspire, and ensure that everything you share has a lasting impression on your listeners.

About the author

Indranil Chakraborty has combined three qualities to pioneer business storytelling in India: two decades of experience in leading teams and driving change at top firms like Unilever, Tata Group and Mahindra & Mahindra; a love for stories; and the entrepreneurial bug.

His firm, StoryWorks, has helped organizations and leaders harness the power of stories to create and deliver impactful messages. Since 2013, using the same approach outlined in Stories at Work, he has trained more than 1500 senior leaders in over thirty organizations, teaching them to be more effective in their communication. The firms he has worked with include Airtel, Accenture, Asian Paints, Barclays, Cognizant, GSK Pharma, HCL, ICICI Lombard, Infosys, PepsiCo, Philips, Roche, WNS and Unilever.

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