Kids, Writing Is Fun. Learn How!

By A Staff Writer

You can write with a pencil, a stick or a pen,

You can cross it all out and write it again.

You can write about good or funny or bad,

You can write when you’re happy or puzzled or sad.

You can write in a bus or a train or a car,

You can write on a beach or wherever you are.

You can write with a smile or a tear or a frown,

You can write standing up, you can write lying down.

You can write as day breaks or as owls hoot at night,

You can get it all wrong, you can get it half-right.

But, however you feel, you can write!

You can write, you can write, you can write!

Puffin is thrilled to present Writing is Fun (Published by Puffin, Price Rs 250), a delightfully interactive writing  activity book by Jeanne Perret. The book, beautifully illustrated with black and white artworks, is packed with tips, tricks, prompts and great suggestions that will encourage kids to pick up the pen. It is full of useful usage guidelines on grammar and punctuation, explained with the help of fun characters making it interactive and interesting throughout.

Writing is Fun is perfect as a writing aid  for children to hone their skills  on their own, and is a great  tool for teachers and parents as well  to guide the young writers in the making!

THE BOOK: How to write right. Master the art of writing a diary, letter, advertisement, script, novel-just about anything-with this fun activity book, featuring handy tips and expert advice to make you a pro. Explore the power of the written word, get equipped with the basic tools that’ll help you sharpen your craft and wield the pen like never before!

THE AUTHOR Jeanne Perrett is the author of a wide range of English language coursebooks for primary and pre-primary classes, as well as children’s novels.

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