Power of empathy in life and business

By A Staff Writer

In Compassion Inc.: Unleashing the Power of Empathy in Life and Business (Published by Penguin) Gaurav Sinha, an anthropologist and activist, offers new perspectives on living sustainable and equitable lives.

This book sits at the of life philosophy and business strategy, disrupting conventional definitions of success and presents a case that places compassion at the heart of prosperity for humanity.

Gaurav Sinha outlines the economics of empathy for life and for business. He offers solutions to maintaining a successful trade in a changing global landscape where conscience, ethics and authenticity are high on the agenda.

Discover how empathy trumps conventional strategies and how the rise of mindful consumers will impact your business strategy in the future. The world is changing, perceptions are shifting, consumers are evolving and this book will ensure your business keeps up.

Understand the power of edifying essentialities, the conscientious consumption compass and other important principles that ignite new perspectives on living sustainable and equitable lives based on compassion for one and for all.

Spiritual guru Deepak Chopra said that Gaurav Sinha’s manifesto to rethink business motivated by compassion has the potential to create a more peaceful, just, sustainable and joyful world.

About the author: Born and raised in India, Gaurav moved to Dubai in 1993 and started his career in the advertising industry. Gaurav is renowned for his expertise in brand strategy and reputed for being a creative protagonist in his field. As an anthropologist, author and activist, Gaurav works at the intersections of strategy and storytelling. Also, he is ranked 11th amongst the 50 Most Powerful Indians in the GCC by Arabian business magazine.

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