When conscience comes visiting

In India wherever you look, you can find a former cricketer. So if you don’t have a story, call up one of them, ask their opinion and there you have a story.
So you have the likes of Yashpal Sharma and Pronob Roy making sanctimonious noises about Greg Chappell and his ways.
Yashpal was the first one forced to act since he was in Delhi, and desperation in Delhi can take so many forms as I can vouch for it. He has made some serious allegations against Greg Chappell.
Yashapl has let us know what happened inside the national selection committee room. He has laid bare his allegiances. He has accused Chappell of using intemperate language against former East Zone selector Pronob Roy and former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly.
Thank You Yashpal ji.
Since Chappell would not have made his references to Roy and Ganguly in Tamil or Marathi, why don’t you quote the coach as he said it instead of using such euphemisms? Then we could hang coach Chappell.
Did Chappell abuse them? Had he abused Roy, shouldn’t it Roy who should have asked for justice rather than Yashpal?
After Yashpal’s late cut, Pronob opened his mouth. He, however, has not made any comments on Chappell’s intemperate language. He has only one mission in his life – Sourav Ganguly. Pronob says Ganguly is in the team as a specialist batsman and not as an all rounder.
But I thought, Ganguly was a great all rounder. Bickering, manipulating and running one’s partners out as he did to VVS Laxman in Chennai, takes great all round talent indeed.
Out of the three National selectors who have been sacked two have spoken out. Now I am waiting for some cricket writer to bring the quotes from Gopal Sharma.
Virtues such as courage, conscience and pride visit people like Yashpal and Pronob when someone show the door to them. That’s a disease without cure.
I want to leave a suggestion to both Yashpal and Pronob. Get hold of a cricket writer of their choice to ghost a book “My Days as a National Selector.” Even if they could only come up with the minutes of selection committee meetings, the book will be a best seller.
I’m waiting for that.

(December 20005)

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